Few words about my new activity

Let me enlist few assumptions regarding my blog activity. I will try to use English language in almost all my posts, however it may happen that some posts in Polish appear. I believe that it is better to say some meaningful words in any language than not to say anything because of lack of language skills or simply being tired…

My posts will appear with different frequency. I am not going to become an addict. I am also not going to limit my essays to few sentences. My intention is to describe what actually is of my great concern, my thoughts regarding world, society, science, and especially human behaviour.

I have started this blog because of being disappointed of what social portals like Nasza Klasa or Facebook offer. I was expecting something more than „yet another” discussion list + photo album + kind of e-mail system. To be honest I don’t know what more I was expecting. Maybe I was a little bit too trustful in Internet gurus’ ideas, so I thought about some really revolutionary means of communication. Actually I feel that such portals flatten and trivialize this part of my life which is devoted to discussions with my friends. To be more specific: it’s sad that communication within such portals is limited to short basic sentences out of context. „Just came back home after long trip…”, „Going to party tonight…”, „What’s your favourite brand of tissues…”,”What kind of mathematical function you are” and tons of equally meaningless pieces of sequences which look for me more like tired-to-death man half-dream, than bright idea that I want to pass to my friends. This is not even „stream of conscience”. Not even any idea, this is something to fill out a time without any aspiration. Maybe that’s the way it is supposed to be, however it doesn’t mean that I accept it. That’s why I started this blog.

I am not pretending to be the most enlightened one. I don’t want to teach, to lead, to say people how they are supposed to live. I want to share. Maybe someone will adopt something for him or herself. That’s the way I learn, and I enjoy it.

Last thing. Some of my posts will be open for commenting, others not. Please remember that this is my blog, so I decide. Don’t expect democracy here, but relay on my respect to others.


I have started this web page as a result of my frustration born from using Facebook and nasza-klasa. Why? I’ll write it in next post.

I would like to avoid posting short notes present normally on Facebook. Not here. This one is probably the shortest one I intend to leave here.