Shanghai Trip Relation Day 1

Spending nine hours in a plane could be boring. I must admit that Finnair solved the issue very well. Their personal entertainment system works almost perfectly. Almost because their movie player tend to leave status bar visible in a way that it interfere with subtitles. I had difficulty watching „Kvinnan som lekte med elden”.

The airplane landed. We had gone to immigration desk and spent one hour in a queue. One and half hour later, after picking up our bags and walking several hundred kilometres through airport we realized that this was huge airport. In fact we were looking for Maglev Train station and we finally found it. This the first place where people from Europe are really surprised by the security measures undertaken by Chinese authorities. Your baggage must pass through security scanner and only after this check one is allowed to come on board.

Take a seat and wait until departure. Doors close. Then you feel delicate move up and weak rocking. All right: rock and roll! It feels alike on the boat. Then the journey starts. You observe speedometer. 80 km/h – nothing special. 160 km/h – top speed of trains in Poland. But wait! It still accelerates. 200 km/h – still below the highest speed I have ever travelled by Arlanda Express with. 250 km/h, my eyebrows starting to raise. 300 km/h – the world outside blinks. 350 km/h – you feel like in plane, but something is wrong because it does not take off! 400 km/h and a sudden but very short thunder. Aha! We just passed by the train crusing in the opposite direction with the same astonishing 400 km/h. Speedometer stops at 431 km/h. You can see on below picture how I looked then (observe speedometer over the passage on right):

Eight minutes later we arrived at Longyang Metro Station where we changed to subway. Just before this we shot commemorative pictures of Maglev Train:

Maglev Train at Longyang Station

Trip Members on Longyang Maglev StationWell metro is much slower than Maglev train, however this is very convenient mean of transportation. We travelled around 12 stations and left the train on Zhongshan Park station. Hotel was just around the corner. We checked in and despite short sleep during the night and approaching jet lag we decided to look around. As first aim we chose Zhongshan Park. Here are some pictures taken in it:

Zhongshan ParkNext picture shows our biggest surprise. Guess who’s there:

Zhongshan Park - Chopin monumentJet lag hit all of us, so we decided to walk around a little bit more and then come back to hotel. We reached the hotel at dusk, however streets were still bright:

Shanghai treeThat was end of day 1.

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